Lifting you up, one day at a time 

Services we offer: 

1. I have a blog, it's free! Visit and sign up at

2. I have a facebook page

      As well as

3. I have books available for sale on amazon: Grace to the Rescue, Grace to grow (and study guide) and Grace to Soar 

4. I can be reached at I have a prayer group, (it's listed as secret on FB) and my team will pray for you! 

     The reason this group is listed secret, is so that your privacy will never be violated. It's a prayer closet! We would be happy to pray for you, just let me know what your needs are. 

5. I am available for public speaking. I am also in the process of creating a video series, hoping to help you with your life's journey. 

    Some of the topics I can speak on, or have spoken on: 

Spiritual Pioneers                         Growing in Christ                  Common Sense Christianity 

Blessing and cursing                     Perseverance                        Personal Grown and learning in difficult situations 

Personal Stories and Testimonies of overcoming                    From Victim to Victor                No Excuses! 

                                                                                  Grace to the Rescue is a true testimony of overcoming some very difficult obstacles. 

                                                                                  If I can do it! So can you! If you cannot afford to buy it write me, tell me why you need 

                                                                                   it, and if I have a copy on hand, I will mail it free of charge. LG