​​Hi, I'm Laura Grace! 

My story is amazing, and quite frankly, I know it! Now that I see another book has come to the forefront, It's even more obvious to me, that many people out there love God, but don't always wind up with the Testimony they wanted. 

Here's a part of my (powerful) story of God's Amazing Grace. I went to church growing up, 

I always wondered why God seemed so far away.....

I tried to be good, and beginning with my early years of church, I reached out to my pastor, to answer the very real

questions I had, about being a Christian. 

He Just couldn't answer my questions........

Because I did not know or understand God.....I went my own way. I wound up married to a drug addict, and by the time I gave my life to Jesus.......I was in such a mess, nobody could straighten it out, no matter how hard they tried........

And now we are back to church, and how they graciously taught me to worship (and pray) but still, did not have the answers..........

So what did I do? I spent the past 30 years, looking for those answers.........

I was on welfare, no hope, broken down car, and a string of failure s behind me........

I got On a bus in 2002 (and did not look back). God took a messed up girl from housing, food stamps and poverty, to managing an entire motel!

And my story gets better than that! 

GOD"S GRACE Rescued me, taught me to grow, and gave me Wings to Soar! 

My story will amaze you! I know, because it still amazes me! 

Here's my Motto: IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU! NO excuses!

And: "No God child, left behind!"

If your church or organization would like me to speak (share my testimony) contact me at sisterzeal@yahoo.com


There is always hope, and remember:NO GOD CHILD- LEFT BEHIND! 

with Love, Laura Grace 

Lifting you up, one day at a time