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Let's get Growing!


People tell you, that you can move that mountain, with just one prayer (and you did that) but you still have a feeling you’re going to have shovel your way out, one scoop at a time! And it’s overwhelming!

I can help you. I can help you by sharing my testimony with you.  It's a story of tragedy, and triumph! Ready? Let’s go! -Laura Grace Check out the rest of this page, and please visit 
What do you need rescued from?

Fear? Anxiety? Maybe you have insecurities, you’re in trouble financially,

Or your marriage seems to be on the rocks. Or, maybe you just need to be rescued from your own ways, or your pain and turmoil seems to be taking you under. You're tried everything, and just don't know what to do anymore. 

Listen, you ARE in good hands with God! The trouble is, many people do not know (how to help) those who have been in dysfunctional marriage situations, or even the despair of multiple problems (happening all at one time!). You need rescued, and nobody seems to have the answers! Tired of Pat answers? Cliche's? 

Need Rescued? How can we help? 

 Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow, Grace to Soar  by Laura Grace 

Lifting you up, one day at a time