My Story (Testimony) by Laura Grace 

I don't care how far you have fallen, God can help you up! Religion will not save you, but Jesus will! 

My Story is on of tragedy and triumph! It's a truly amazing story of the Grace of God. 

It started with being a prodigal daughter, which led to a bad marriage, fraught with heartache and pain. Honestly, I didn't know if I would live through it. i was raised middle class, and found myself plummeted into the darkness, living a life as a co-dependent, and married to a drug addict, who refused to change. We moved 27 times. We were homeless, and at times I didn't know if my children would even eat. I was lied to and conned, and I forgave more than 70 times 70. Listen, I know you are out there, People who just have no idea (or clue) what to do anymore........

You Can Get out of that Situation! Yes, I know there are many who fall through the cracks.........

How Can We Help You? 

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This ministry is for those who feel they don't fit in, anywhere. Need a hand up? Start with prayer, we really care! 


Offering Prayer, a listening ear, group settings, and other valuable resources to assist you in your journey.

I am available for speaking engagements as well. Topics include


Lifting you up, one day at a time 

There is always hope. Yes, I do understand what it means to have no hope Ready to start over? Or start again? Contact me!